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We hired Lucy's Creative Designs Ltd. to decorate for our event.

We were extremely pleased with the whole experience with this company. We were especially impressed at the initial consultation, design ideas for the hall and for the professionalism of the decorator.

The experience exceeded our expectations and the hall was all we had envisioned.

Based on our experience, I would highly recommend Lucy's Creative Designs Ltd.

Donna B.

Chinese New Year Service

Lucy's Creative Designs Ltd. 為你提供高質素的花卉裝飾和場地設計﹐ 服務包括:婚禮、週年紀念、公司聯歡、新鋪開張、聖誕及新年聚會。


Lucy's Creative Designs Ltd.會因應你們的預算、時間、地點而給與最好的設計﹔供應全面的服務 ﹐包括裝嵌和拆除。

如有任何喜慶聚會﹐請致電查詢或預約: 604-889-8219